So here it goes,

my sorrows song,

a song thats short, 

and not too long,

A silent pain, you'll never feel,

A broken heart, that'll never heal.

How do you kill a dying love?

One that you thought was sent from above,

One that  brought you so many smiles and tears,

One that you swore would last through the years.

But now I lie here,

broken in pain,

clinging to life,

And whispering your name.

Now realising, you were never the one,

But now it's too late, 'cause my song is done!



(Selbst verfasst!)

25.9.13 20:35

Letzte Einträge: Warum ?, Wenn euch euer Leben nervt, streut Glitzer drauf!!, Ihr habt ja Keine Ahnung!, Ihr habt ja Keine Ahnung!, Glitter makes everythig better!


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